Josh Tyler

Josh Tyler is an entrepreneur and early internet pioneer best known as the founder of CINEMABLEND and GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT. He most recently served as the CEO of Walk Big Media from the company’s headquarters near Portland, Oregon.

How It Started

In his early 20s, Josh Tyler started out as an engineer designing microchips. If you’ve ever had one of those set-top cable boxes, there’s a good chance he designed the circuits inside it. When asked about it, he insists the movie Office Space is actually a documentary of his early life in Dallas designing high-end electronics.

Josh soon moved on from engineering and has worked in the online media industry since the late 90s, becoming one of the internet’s first successful movie bloggers. His first-ever published article appeared on IGN and has long since vanished into the ancient mists of the early internet.

After working as a Rotten Tomatoes-approved, syndicated newspaper critic and an editor for outlets such as, Creative Screen Writing Magazine, and, Josh started his own entertainment news website 2000. While it had a different name at first, it would go on to be called CINEMABLEND.

CINEMABLEND quickly grew into a staff of more than 30 writers, covering film festivals, breaking news, and traveling the world to report on important stories. Under Josh’s leadership, CINEMABLEND became one of the top 4000 most visited websites in the world. Thanks to the success of CINEMABLEND, in 2007 Josh was chosen as one of Time Magazine’s most influential and critically clever movie journalists on the internet.

In 2008 Josh Tyler founded GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT, a news and opinion site focused not only on entertainment but also on important topics like science and technology. In spite of its silly name, GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT also soon became one of the top 4,000 most visited websites in the world.

Josh exited CINEMABLEND after a successful acquisition in 2015 and in 2020 formed GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’s parent company Walk Big.

How It’s Going

Now an experienced and occasionally notorious entrepreneur in the world of online media, Josh serves as CEO of Walk Big.

When not busy running Walk Big or being forced to write things like this by his marketing team, Josh is focused on playing father to a family of six. And when not busy being run ragged by his kids, he is still totally obsessed with science fiction. If you pay attention, you’ll see him writing passionately about Star Trek and crazy sci-fi starships on the internet instead of doing the paperwork that has piled up on his desk.