Nathan Kamal Is GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’s Newest Deputy Editor

Nathan Kamal has been promoted to Deputy Editor at GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT, after working his way up through the ranks on the site. He started out as a contributing writer and most recently has served as a Team Editor.

“Nathan is a sharp, talented, and creative writer,“ says Faith McKay, GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’s Editor In Chief. “He’s good at drawing connections and is quick to pull a story together and develop a viewpoint.“ His ability to do these things on a consistent basis has contributed mightily to GFR’s continuing growth, which has impressed Walk Big’s CEO, Josh Tyler.

“I expected us to keep growing, but now we’re moving faster than my expectations. Faith McKay and the rest of the GFR team deserve a lot of credit,” says Tyler. Count Nathan as one of several key team members who have helped GFR grow. Coming on board first as a writer, Nathan quickly established himself with attributes that allow him to thrive as an editor.

“He is very detail-oriented, which makes him a great editor,“ notes Faith. “He notices patterns in the writer’s work, in what we’re doing on GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT, and in his own work. He is always looking for new ways to be more effective and help out. He’s been valuable in giving feedback to the writers and helping them grow.“

So, what exactly will Nathan’s new role entail? As a Deputy Editor, it “basically means that I work with Faith, our wonderful Editor in Chief, to help curate and form the content on GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT,“ explains Nathan. “At any given time on the site, we are working with our staff writers and contributors to conceive, produce, and edit articles for GFR. A big part of the job is simply figuring out the best way to communicate with our readers exactly what we like, what they like, and what we’re getting to their eyes.“

To effectively communicate these things, Nathan says he looks for two things in a writer’s approach to their material – clarity and personality. “I like reading something I know very little about (like gaming, for example) and walking away knowing exactly what was said because the writer understood it so well they could make me understand it.“ As far as a writer’s personality, Nathan says, “Whenever I read an article and feel like I know the person who wrote and like they were just talking to me, I know I’m enjoying it that much more. The two need to be in balance because a writer shouldn’t (necessarily) be writing about themselves, but they should be writing as themselves to some degree.“

As with many writers, it’s all about the journey. “Over the course of my life, I’ve had a lot of jobs. I went through a culinary program when I was 16 and worked as a professional chef for many years.“ Stepping stones. “For four years, I would travel to Alaska and work at an upscale deep-sea fishing lodge on an isolated island for the summer season; I started out as the dishwasher the first year and was head chef by the last one.“ Nathan says, “The last kitchen I worked in was a Michelin-star restaurant and brewery in Chicago, which was, unfortunately, a casualty of the pandemic.“ But, “I also have run a bakery, been a gardener, a data-entry clerk, and worked as a banker for nine years. It has been quite a journey.“

Nathan has even worked as a standup comic. “I sometimes perform standup comedy and comedic monologues here in Chicago, and write a lot of comedic pieces.“ When he isn’t writing or editing or making people laugh, he likes to decompress with walks by Lake Michigan. Spending time with Suits, his cat, also works. When he needs a break, Nathan spends time putting paintbrush to canvas. “I paint when I have time; there is a particular pancake restaurant in Strasburg, VA you can visit if you ever want to see my work.“ Of course, if all else fails, “I’m probably in a movie theater someplace.“

Nathan and his cat, Suits

All of this is what eventually led Nathan to GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT. As Nathan explains it, writing leads to reading which brought him to GFRs doorstep. “I’ve been a writer of one sort or another for many years, which also means I’m a pretty constant reader,“ he explains. “GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT has been a favorite site of mine for a while and hits a lot of the pop culture news that I’m always interested in. Last year, I made a promise to myself that I would be full-time writing before my birthday this year, and GFR was kind enough to give me a shot as a contributor. Fast forward, and I kept my promise.“

Faith McKay says. “I’m excited about Nathan becoming a Deputy Editor. He is always asking questions about where GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT has been and then looking where we can build on that as we go forward. He likes to speculate on new angles for content that our readers will like, and isn’t afraid to try out new things.“