For the third straight month in a row, Walk Big’s GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT has dramatically increased its audience size. In the month of September the site recorded a new record-breaking 10 million unique readers in a single month.


Though slow to keep up with GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’s massive growth, the site’s Alexa ranking continued to rise. Currently GFR ranks as one of the top 20,000 most visited websites in the world. As the media brand’s popularity continues to grow, expect continued dramatic improvement in Alexa ranking as Alexa, which typically lags behind, begins to catch up.

Only 90 days ago GFR ranked only in the top 30,000 sites in the world. Two years ago when Walk Big’s team reacquired and re-launched GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT the site had sunk all the way down below 500,000.

Speaking on the site’s phoenix like rise from the ashes, Walk Big CEO and GFR’s original founder Josh Tyler had this to say, “I never doubted we’d be able to supercharge GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’s position and popularity quickly. The site was something I built on a solid foundation when I first launched it back in 2008, and even though the subsequent owners mishandled and abused it, that foundation was still there. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team, GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT is now back and better than ever.”

In the month of October, GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT is already on track to increase its position and popularity. The site is currently on track to exceed more than 15 million unique readers in the current month.