Go2Tutors Sets A New Record With 1 Million Readers In June

The parents of Go2Tutors have set a new record. Creating education news and information for parents by parents has caught on and in the month of June Go2Tutors set a new record with more than 1 million unique visitors in the month of June.

Led by Deputy Editor Erika Hanson, the site’s group of dedicated moms and dads has been hard at work delivering information parents can’t find anywhere else since its relaunch in early 2022. Whether it’s warning caregivers about the bad behavior of teachers or delivering helpful, free curriculum to parents in need of an education leg up, Go2Tutors has established itself in as a leader in education news and information for parents.

Talking about Go2Tutors’ success, Walk Big CEO Josh Tyler had this to say, “It’s really the fact that Go2Tutors is focused entirely on the needs of parents that sets it apart from the competition. Most education resources hire to teachers to tell parents what to do. But no one knows or cares about a child more than their parent and parents are the final authority on what’s best for their kid. We’re empowering parents, not teachers, and with parents helping parents we’re really doing something important to make things better for kids, and by extension the future of the entire planet.”