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Walk Big Exceeds 3 Million Users In A Single Day

Continuing our rapid growth, earlier this week Walk Big exceeded 3 million users in a single day. This smashes through our previous record of 2 million, set just a short two months ago. Growth continues and Walk Big anticipates setting further traffic records in 2022. Asked what he attributes the company’s rapid rise to, CEO Josh Tyler had this to say: “Work. Hard work… Read More


Meet Faith McKay, GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’s New Editor In Chief

ed to the role of GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT’s Editor In Chief. Previously, she served as the media site’s Managing Editor. Originally Faith joined GFR as a freelance writer, the second person ever hired for the site after its relaunch in late-2019. Since then she has worked her way up the ranks, serving in nearly every position on the site from Staff Writer to Section Editor. No one has a more intimate level of understanding of how GFR works and what it needs than Faith.


How Walk Big Creates Content Worth Working For

Creating great content doesn’t happen in a void. Good content happens with real-time collaboration and communication, the keys to creating a great content creation system at scale.


Giant Freakin Snowboarding

To celebrate our recent success, Walk Big’s amazing partners over at Playwire invited us to go snowboarding.


Walk Big’s Network Exceeds 2 Million Visitors In A Single Day

Walk Big is starting the new year off right, by continuing our meteoric rise, attracting more users than ever before as the fastest growing media company on the web.


Walk Big Launches Go2Tutors And Puts Parents In Charge

Walk Big has officially launched Go2Tutors, an education news and information site designed to help parents and students stay educated on the world of education.


GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT Exceeds 17 Million Readers In A Single Month

In October GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT set a new record in the number of visitors received to the site with over 12 million unique visitors. In November, GFR exceeded that new record, setting a new high watermark for Walk Big’s premiere entertainment site.


GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT Smashes All Daily Records, Twice!

Headed for a record breaking month, over the last week GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT set a new record for daily unique users and then broke that record again.


Walk Big Media’s Audience Reaches New Highs With 1.6 Million Readers In A Single Day

Continuing our trend towards exponential growth, Walk Big’s network of sites reached a combined total of more than 1.6 million readers in a single day last week. That number combines the single day readership on both GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT and TELL ME BEST.


TELL ME BEST Finds A New Audience With Smart News And Google News

Smart News. Both platforms are now using TMB as a recommended source, connecting the site to millions of new, engaged readers. The move exponentially increases TELL ME BEST’s reach, allowing new readers to discover the site’s content.